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What was the Tour about?

This tour was a Canadian initiative that saw us visit over 50 communities across Canada, which gave believers an opportunity to show their love and support for Israel in a tangible way. Our team of speakers travelled in Ten White Trucks across the nation, and brought a message that motivated believers to give extravagantly, out of reverence and love for the Heavenly Father, according to His Word.

Why ten white trucks?

Jerry O’Leary, from Fredericton, NB received a vision from the Lord to give Ten White Trucks to Israel as an extraordinary act of love to the Father. This word came with a very specific condition. Jerry was to use the trucks to turn and impassion hearts and minds of Canadians to bless Israel. Jerry’s conviction was that we needed to pour out unconditional and extravagant love to God, through giving of our financial resources to Israel and the Jewish people. These trucks became ten of the largest offering baskets on wheels visiting Canadians sea to sea! This prophetic word has been fulfilled and we thank the Lord with grateful hearts.

Who is involved?

At present, Return Ministries is teaming up with CMJ Canada and Tikkun Ministries Canada to provide oversight for the project. Our heart is to link up with other like-minded Canadian ministries who sense the call to rally our nation to love God and bless Israel.

Loving God Blessing Israel Tour Report

Please listen to this report, courtesy of Lamb Radio's Kellen Davidson, as details of the Loving God Blessing Israel Cross-Canada Tour are shared by Rev. Sharon Hayton and Aaron Eime of CMJ Canada. Glory to God!

10 White Truck Interview with Kellen Davison

What will be done with the donations received?

All gifts received at the Ten Truck Meetings during this journey will be sown into the purchase of land and establishment of a unique ministry center, Fields of Wheat in Galilee, Israel. You may continue to give into this project even though the tour is complete.

Fields of Wheat is an Israeli expression of the joint destiny of Israel and the nations. It is the prayerful answer to the heart cry of Israeli Messianic leaders to meet the vital needs of the Body of Messiah in Israel. Fields of Wheat will be a place to gather for children’s summer camps, youth retreats and national conferences, and will provide opportunities for volunteers from the nations to serve the people of Israel as an expression of love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

The mandate is:

  • Welcome Israel's returning exiles back to the land
  • Cultivate a foundational atmosphere of worship and prayer
  • Unite and Equip Yeshua's disciples in the fullness of God's word and Spirit
  • Serve Jewish and Arab congregations as well as friends from the nations

Canada’s unique contribution to this project will be to construct the “Canada Place Villas”. These aliyah villas will serve to provide an initial welcome to Jewish immigrants upon their return to the Land, as well as providing a place for Canadians to serve and minister in Israel. In the spirit of Hiram blessing Solomon (1 Kings 5), our hope is Canadian timber will be used to construct these aliyah villas.

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